wo 09 okt 2019


Are you a Dutch or international artist, designer or media maker with a fascination for creative technology and social change? Does your work stimulate imagination and contribute to new scenarios for the future? Join the call to ACT (Award for Creative Technology)!

STRP 2020: New scenarios for the Post Anthropocene
We are living in the Anthropocene, an era in which human influence plays a dominant role in the future of life on Earth with all its ecological, humanitarian and social consequences. We – humans – tend to put ourselves at the center of the universe and believe ourselves to be superior to nature, animals, plants and things. In the Post Anthropocene, humans have dropped off the top of the pyramid, our position is decentralized and equal with nature, technology, objects and intelligent systems. No longer are we the measure of things; we have freed ourselves from our philosophical superiority.

STRP invites all artists to come up with scenarios for the Post Anthropocene that trigger our imagination.

Time to ACT!
The STRP Award for Creative Technology (ACT)* consists of three prizes for makers who connect art and technology in an authentic and original way. STRP ACT includes one prize of €20,000 euro for the realization of a new work by proven talent and two prizes of €15,000 euro for the realization of new work by young talents. With this ACT Award, STRP supports makers with vision and imagination. As well as this budget, STRP also offers productional guidance for the development, production and presentation of new work during STRP Festival which takes place from 2 to 5 April 2020 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

For more info download the pdf.

Deadline for applications: 10 November 2019
Announcement of winners: 1 December 2019
STRP Festival: 2 to 5 April 2020