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HighTechXL is delighted to invite you to the culminating event of its fall 2016 startup program. XL Day will take place on March 16 at the Klokgebouw. Doors open at 13:00, and the program starts at 13:30.

XL Day is an event where a new generation of emerging high-tech startups launch, and where some of HighTechXL’s most successful stories return on stage to celebrate their successes.

XL Day is also a podium for the entire industry - startups, scale-ups, investors, corporations, and decision-makers – to gather under one roof for a peek into the technology-enabled future. 

The Theme: Universal Changemakers
The theme of this XL Day is Universal Changemakers. It’s about the people behind the tech startups who explore the many ways technology can be put to a better, more meaningful use. 

In September 2016 we said that entrepreneurs are the heroes of the 21st century. Today, we must add that not only do entrepreneurs create new business opportunities, but also help us innovate ourselves, as individuals, and the way we construct our society. Amidst today’s turbulent times, a new kind of leadership is emerging – one of activism. 

With powerful statements like #WeAccept and #mankind, the CEOs of the most influential tech companies – Lyft, Airbnb, Starbucks, and more – are proving that they’re not simply business leaders, but also social leaders. By promoting actions which affirm inclusion and diversity, tech companies are becoming advocates of universally shared values and initiators of change.

Against this backdrop, HighTechXL feels proud to be collaborating with innovation actors who inspire us. From introducing VR to the optometrist’s practice to giving independence to the blind, the latest batch of HighTechXL innovators defy conventional boundaries. On March 16, we introduce them to you!

To register for the event, please follow this link.

Official XL Day website: www.hightechxl.com/xl-day/spring-2017

About HighTechXL

HighTechXL is Europe's Hub for high-tech hardware startups. Located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, HighTechXL runs effective acceleration and scale-up programs at which hardware startup founders are supported throughout all chapters of their entrepreneurial quest. The comprehensive programs serve as a practical blueprint that guides hardware founders all the way from prototype to market entry to scaling. The format provides structured access to finance, facilities, and know how. Startups gain access to a community of 300+ mentors, alumni, and a partner network composed of the leading high-tech and financial actors in the region: ABN AMRO, ASML, BOM, EY, NTS-Group and Philips.