VinoKilo Vintage Kilo Sale


VinoKilo Vintage Sale

Hey vintage lovers, Europe’s biggest Vintage Kilo Sale is coming to Eindhoven!

Join us! 

Secure a ticket by paying €3,-!

What you can find at the event:
- Vintage clothes sold for 50 Euros per kilo the first day, 45 Euros per kilo the second day and 40 Euros per kilo on the last day 
- High quality vintage with well-known brands from the 60s-00s
- Sizes from XXS to plus sizes
- Rare & unique accessories like leather bags, scarves, belts etc.
- New and exciting (green) collaborations in stunning venues
- A business that cares about sustainability and environmental impact ????

Bring your own old clothes!
If you have clothes you no longer use, you can bring them to the event. Depending on the amount donated, we will apply a discount on new purchases of up to 30%.
The clothes you wish to bring back must meet the following requirements:
- They must be in good/very good condition;
- They must be washed;
- Underwear and accessories won't be accepted;
- Shoes won't be acccepted;
- Fast-fashion brands won't be accepted (Zara, H&M, Bershka, OVS etc.).

Depending on the quantity donated, here are the discounts on your purchase:
- From 1 to 2 kg: 10% discount
- From 2 to 3 kg: 20% discount
- More than 3 kg: 30% discount

What are you waiting for? You can book tickets on the website of VinoKilo. 

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