di 19 apr 2022

Biggest illustrators, animators and more coming to the Klokgebouw

This Thursday, We Are Playgrounds will kick of The Art Department in the Klokgebouw! Many big illustrators, animators and artists will join at the Klokgebouw to talk and showcase their work. Join us at this fest on concept art, design and craftmanship in film, animation and games!

We are looking forward to creating an extra-ordinary art experience upcoming spring. Expect artist talks, interviews, panel discussions, games, expo with original art works, workshops, an art market and everything we can think of to make this The Art Department yet another playground for the creative industry.

Tickets are sold out, but don't worry! There is a free expo for people who couldn't grab a ticket

Free expo

Time to curate an expo about this, we thought! During our festival The Art Department we dedicated a free expo on this, so tell your friends. What we see on our streaming channels, in cinema or in a game is the end result of a long design process in which artists are in the search for the perfect images or characters. In this exhibition you will find the original art work and sketches for numerous projects.

On display are the original puppets of Netflix’s Robin Robin by Mikey Please, orginal art work by Armel Gaulme, Jesper Ejsing, Jörg Asselborn to name a few. Also happening: live sketching session by The Art Department artists + live sculpting any the Dutch artist Joop Bongaerts.

What can you find at the Art Department?

- Different artist talks
- Interviews
- Live sketching sessions
- Demo's
- Short films
- Expo's
- And many, many more

The Art Department will take place on the 21st and 22nd of April at the Klokgebouw venue. More information about the event an the timetable can be found on the website of Playgrounds.
See you soon!