vr 12 okt 2018


The Helldorado line-up is complete!

Eight more acts to shake you up or freak you out: THE VINTAGE CARAVAN go with the pyroclastic flow PRIMA DONNA bring on Wicked Cool rock deluxe, DEL-TOROS ramp up fuzzadelic stonersurfrock & roll, THE DAHMERS get bloody with a Frankenstein’s monster of music and THE HELLOWEENERS loosen up like ‘ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long’.

Sideshowboating goes on with Johannes de Boom lifting spirits through HET ORAKEL, sadomasochism disguised as comedy from JOHN ROBERTSON and Glasgow's freakiest entertainment phenomenon CIRQUE DU MORT. So there you have it: a grand total of more than 30 acts for The Incredible Rock & Roll Freakshow.